Sunday, May 1, 2011

New York, New York

I'm back from vacation/work in New York City! NYC is such an amazing city and I definitely did not have time to see everything, so I have to go back soon. What I did see was the Empire State Building, Grand Central, the Museum of Natural History, the Strand, the United Nations, NYU and Time Square. I want to go back for the Met, NYPL, Ground Zero and etc. And of course, another visit to the Strand! :]

But I had tons of adventures including almost not having a place to stay for a night, a Starbucks barista whose boyfriend is cheating again, an almost showdown at the Natural History Museum, some film being shot in the middle of Time Square, etc. I met tons of new people from all over, got to sit in the Great Hall of the UN and our delegation got an award! Yay!

Unfortunately, I did not bring any personal reading with me as I was busy finishing up homework (yes, I was doing homework in NYC) or participating in the conference - National Model UN. So I don't have any super new reviews to post. On the other hand, I still have a backlog of reviews from books that I read prior to leaving for NYC that I still need to write/post. So look out for that. And maybe my first contest...


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